Corporate Governance


At Rentrak Corporation, we understand one of the most vital responsibilities of serving as an industry authority is setting a leading example for others to follow. This is an obligation we are happy to carry out.

Rentrak is dedicated to acting in the best interest of our employees, investors, clients and colleagues. Our diverse and accomplished board of directors is committed to diligently exercising its oversight responsibilities of the company, ensuring the business and affairs are in accordance with the law while also being consistent with our own strict internal set of ethics and integrity. Rentrak is committed to the highest standards of financial accounting and reporting, and our shareholders derive confidence in our over 20-year reputation of acting with assiduity in establishing and maintaining sound business practices.

To learn more about specific codes of conduct and company practices at Rentrak Corporation, we invite you to click on the DOCUMENT links below and read further.

Code of Business Conduct PDF
Audit Committee Charter PDF
Compensation Committee Charter PDF
Nominating and Governance Committee Charter PDF