Rentrak's State of VOD: Trend Report

More than ever before, today’s television viewers are taking advantage of the convenience of Free on Demand to catch-up on their favorite shows and discover new programming on their own schedule. As consumer preferences continue to evolve with technology, the wide-spread availability of On Demand content will continue to spur advertising growth and opportunity for years to come.
This is where Rentrak’s State of VOD: Trend Report 2013 comes in.

Based on four years of exclusive cable and telco industry data, Rentrak’s State of VOD: Trend Report 2013 is the industry’s most comprehensive source of On Demand information, drawing on viewing insights from more than 111 million televisions and every major multichannel video programming distributor for the most detailed look at high-level On Demand trends available.

Report Highlights
  • On average, viewers watched On Demand content 16 to 18 days out of the month
  • Viewers spent an average of 8.7 hours with On Demand content per month, up 12 minutes from 2012
  • Viewers averaged 6.4 hours per month watching Free on Demand content
  • FOD playtime grew by 130 million hours overall
  • 59% of all TVs that watch On Demand each month watch content from the major cable and broadcast networks (TV Entertainment category)
  • Broadcast Prime content grew to a billion transactions in 2013, up 23% from 2012
  • 23% of all FOD transactions, 31% of all TV Entertainment transactions and 34% of all Broadcast Prime transactions occur in the first three days
  • More than half of all active monthly televisions are now ordering HD content
SVOD Trend Report 2013