Studio Revenue Share Essentials

Today, the majority of content providers participate in direct revenue sharing relationships with their largest rental customers. However, due to the sheer scope and numbers involved in these direct leasing relationships, along with the complexity of the lease terms themselves, timely and accurate reporting is often difficult to obtain without Rentrak. This is where Studio Revenue Share Essentials comes in

The home entertainment industry’s most reliable and comprehensive system for analyzing home video revenue-sharing results, Studio Revenue Share Essentials simplifies the information retrieval process for content providers by giving them access to an independent, third-party source of inventory tracking, plus accurate measurement of how both their home entertainment products (leased directly to retailers or through PPT®) and retailers are performing. Applying Rentrak’s decades of experience distilling complex distribution channels

and marketplaces into easy-to-understand and timely detailed reports, Studio Revenue Share Essentials provides clients with comprehensive views of daily, weekly and historical performance data; in-depth inventory tracking; validation and recovery, all of which can be used to enhance profitable action. The Studio Revenue Share Essentials reporting system offers home entertainment content providers and retailers alike the means to implement and benefit from a revenue sharing program.

the home video essentials advantage
  • Simplify and clarify the revenue sharing process by using Rentrak as your trusted, third-party source of measurement and information management
  • Make more effective decisions and plans with comprehensive views of daily, weekly and historical performance intelligence
  • Have access to in-depth analysis and inventory tracking by chain