Retail Essentials

Rentrak’s Retail Essentials is the home entertainment industry’s leading service for timely, actionable point-of-sale information on DVD and Blu-ray Disc products for the brick-
and-mortar sell-through market.

With Retail Essentials®, studios, producers, content providers and retailers can access weekly retail sales information, comprehensive market research intelligence and detailed consumer insights on DVD and Blu-ray Disc titles for the brick-and-mortar sell-through market. Retail Essentials provides clients with a single source for sell-through information broken down by format, category, genre, distributor and more.

In addition to tracking Internet-based retailers, Rentrak also catalogs and analyzes the weekly retail sales circulars from all the major brick-and-mortar retailers in the U.S. and Canada.

The ad images are collected and scanned, and key parameters like price, percent of page and type of promotion can all be searched for, printed and exported using Retail Essentials.

Within 72 hours after the close of each business week, Retail Essentials publishes estimated title-level national consumer spending and units sold for the brick-and-mortar sales channel for DVD and Blu-ray Discs. Rentrak’ sales estimates are validated with the studios and distributors to ensure accuracy. Retail Essentials gives users the ability to track the industry and analyze the competitive landscape. No other service provides faster, more in-depth access to DVD and Blu-ray Disc sales intelligence.

the retail essentials advantage
  • Improve product selection, budgeting, market share, inventory management and media planning with the use of detailed consumer behavior insight
  • Get an edge on your competition by comparing your sales to the industry as a whole
  • Discover trends in key weekly categories and compare titles’ sales performance side-by-side using customized research provided to meet the needs of each unique Rentrak client
  • The only service of its kind that provides both retail sales point-of-sale estimates for DVD/Blu-ray Discs in addition to insights regarding their weekly circular and online ads and promotions