OnDemand Everywhere

Rentrak’s OnDemand Everywhere suite of services gives clients the ability to ensure their Video on Demand content is performing at the highest level possible everywhere the consumer is watching, whether that be a television screen, streaming on a mobile device or downloaded from the Internet.
OnDemand Essentials

Rentrak’s OnDemand Essentials® is the industry’s first and only product measuring the consumption of Video on Demand (VOD) content from 114 million television sets in the U.S. and Canada across more than 40 cable, telco and satellite providers including all operators offering VOD.

The OnDemand Essentials Advantage

  • Review, analyze and adjust programming, marketing and promotional spending based on actual consumer behavior
  • Easily provide advertisers with the metrics they're demanding from an independent third party
  • Get a consolidated view of all VOD distribution channels measured by the OnDemand Everywhere suite of products, using Rentrak’s multiscreen feature

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OnDemand Essentials


The only system which measures Video on Demand advertising across a national footprint of operators, Rentrak’s AdEssentials® supplies a centralized source of third-party reporting and verification, bridging the gap between agencies and networks by providing an automated solution for effectively managing and optimizing VOD ad inventory.

The AdEssentials Advantage

  • Dramatically improve your ability to target and monetize VOD advertising
  • Provide valuable trending analytics critical to effective planning and execution of VOD advertising by tracking and reporting on ads (static or dynamically-inserted)
VOD Monitor

Rentrak’s VOD Monitor service tracks and reports on the availability of Video on Demand content across numerous cable, telco and satellite systems including AT&T U-Verse, Comcast, Cox, Charter, DirecTV, DISH, Time Warner and Verizon. This service draws on an extensive network of contracted mystery shoppers to provide networks and studios with the most efficient way to immediately identify and remedy problems with their VOD content.

The VOD Monitor Advantage

  • Expand VOD performance and improve consumer experience by ensuring your content is readily accessible across 40 or more U.S. TV markets and Canada
  • Maximize your revenue, rectify problems and ensure compliance of Operator Window terms with Rentrak’s expertise verifying, monitoring and auditing your data
Digital Download Essentials

Digital Download Essentials® is the industry’s first and only reporting and auditing service providing content performance intelligence on purchased and rented movie and television content downloaded and streamed via the Internet, including royalty report tracking. This secure, Web-based system collects, verifies, consolidates and reports on all digitally downloaded and streamed content transactions including electronic sell-through (EST), Internet Video on Demand (iVOD) and subscription-based (sVOD) streaming transactions.

The Digital Download Essentials Advantage

  • Know the exact performance of your digital content and how it compares with multiple channels of Internet-based distribution including iVOD, EST and sVOD
  • Ensure accurate and timely reporting across all licensees (domestic and international) with industry-standard data feed specification

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Digital Download Essentials

Internet TV Essentials

Internet TV Essentials® helps clients navigate the largely unexplored terrain of ad-supported and subscription-based television programming streamed online. Internet TV Essentials grants multiplatform content providers, online video aggregators and Web-only portals the tools necessary to analyze trends and track online video usage information.

The Internet TV Essentials Advantage

  • Support ad sales efforts and maximize the value proposition to advertisers and agencies before the sale with critical usage data
  • Optimize your content library according to user demand with an increased understanding of content "shelf-life"
Mobile OnDemand Essentials

Rentrak’s Mobile OnDemand Essentials service can be customized to fit the specific needs of your business, including in-depth analyses of your clients' content and its viewers, with applications for measuring Video on Demand content accessed via any mobile device including mobile Web, video clips and games.

The Mobile OnDemand Essentials Advantage

  • Monetize mobile content by monitoring the performance of your mobile content over time and identifying valuable trends
  • Adjust marketing, programming and business decisions to drive consumption and revenue with enhanced analytics