Mobile StationView Essentials

As consumers use mobile devices to watch more video content, the need to understand exactly who is viewing in addition to what and for how long they are viewing will be critical to stations’ ability to monetize their advertising investments over time.

Mobile devices are revolutionizing the way consumers around the country watch broadcast television — and Rentrak is at the forefront of this emerging medium, providing local stations and their advertisers with the most precise measurement of live broadcast TV viewing on mobile

devices in local markets across the country. Rentrak’s unique ability to track massive amounts of mobile TV viewing gives locals stations the insights they need to analyze trends and better understand how to utilize mobile for future ad campaigns and initiatives.

the mobile stationview essentials advantage
  • Build new ad revenues from mobile broadcasts by showing advertisers that your content is generating lift beyond linear television from mobile viewing
  • Gauge the value of live TV viewing on mobile devices with Rentrak’s massive, passive TV audience measurement for all screens