TV Essentials

Providing television measurement from more than 37 million screens and approximately 17 million households across the country, Rentrak is the trusted source for networks, agencies and advertisers, delivering the most precise and reliable TV ratings all day, every day across the largest media landscape.

Rentrak’s TV Essentials® helps television buyers and sellers make smarter transactions by giving them a deeper understanding of the true value of their television viewing audience. Providing unparalleled TV measurement, this unique service gives agencies, advertisers and television networks access to massive amounts of exclusive viewership information for a level of granularity and stability absent from traditional television measurement services.

Rentrak’s Advanced Demographics allow users to more accurately pinpoint audiences they want to reach. By combining Rentrak’s massive viewing intelligence with third-party consumer behavior information from sources like IHS, Experian, Simmons, and Epsilon, Rentrak users can dig deeper into TV demographics and sculpt analytics and knowledge-based solutions for a more targeted approach to TV advertising.

Exact Commercial Ratings®
A game-changer for the national television industry, the Exact Commercial Ratings® data metric allows ad agencies and advertisers to determine how specific national TV commercials performs within an ad pod, advancing the national TV industry standard from measuring an average rating for all commercials within a telecast (or C3) to providing individual commercial ratings. When used along with the TV Essentials service, Exact Commercial Ratings® tell network advertisers exactly how many viewers were exposed to their specific commercials in a campaign, allowing them to maximize the results of their television spend.


the tv essentials advantage
  • Spend less time and resources on make-goods with more predictable and stable television measurement
  • Inform your current TV ad targeting, planning and buying decisions and make changes to your current investments
  • Go beyond C3 and get your Exact Commercial Ratings®, not an average of all ads in a telecast
  • Gain access to TV measurement from hundreds of networks — more than twice as much as is available elsewhere
  • The only massive, passive TV measurement system seeking MRC accreditation